Pregnancy and labour can be very exhausting and emotional. Various changes will occur in your body including hormonal and emotional changes. After the birth of your baby you need to ensure the assistance you were receiving during your pregnancy is continued, to help restore you to your pre-pregnancy health.

Post-natal care is very critical and essential in the first few days and weeks after delivery. Dr Lyons and his team will  provide you with support and guidance on your post-natal care  including monitoring and appropriate interventions to prevent excessive bleeding, pain, and infection. Guidance is also given on breast care, breast feeding, newborn care practices, family planning, exercises & physical activity, nutrition during breastfeeding and counselling for health conditions such as post-natal depression.

Dr Lyons will continue to see you in hospital following the birth and will then in his rooms at your postnatal check-up around 6 weeks after the birth. If you have any questions or concerns during this time please feel free to contact the clinic.

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