Patient Info

Clinic Information Our practice is conveniently located in 2 different locations across Sydney and appointments are available Monday through to Friday. After hours and weekends are also available for deliveries and pre booked surgeries.

Appointments For obstetric appointments, you will be advised at your first visit when you will be required to see us throughout your pregnancy and we can discuss and book in a convenient day and time for all your future appointments. You can expect to visit every 4 weeks during the first 32 weeks, every 2-3 weeks up until 36 weeks and then weekly visits until your baby is born.

Hospitals After making an appointment to see Dr Lyons for your pregnancy care, we recommend you book in your delivery at your chosen hospital.

Due date Calculator Calculate your Due Date Here ..!!

Useful Links Following are some links to other resources that you may find helpful. The contacts listed below come highly recommended by our team.

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